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Hillman Brown are a Company that takes pride of being involved in all sectors of Insulation and Energy Saving. Our services are tailored for Homeowners, Local Authorities, Housing Associations as well as Commercial Applications 

We currently operate in all regions in England & Wales.


Reg No: 8705 - Loft Insulation, Cavity Wall Insulation, Hard to Treat Cavity Wall Insulation.


Offering all our Customers an excellence in "Customer Service", Providing products and services of a "High Standard", Delivering those products and services to our customers "On time" and "On Budget.


These are achieved by the Company and all of it's staff having the experience, training and dedication to provide their very best at all levels whether its

1) Home Insulation

2) Commercial Insulation

3) External Wall Insulation

4) Solar Power PV & Thermal

5) Energy Efficiency Advice

6) Hatch Thatch


We make sure that your requirements are fully realised and met.



Introducing "HATCH THATCH"

Fabricated from Recycled Plastic Bottles

                        Reduces Materials being sent to landfill

                                                   Helps Save the Planet via Energy Saving



Patent Protected Product that is specifically designed to both Insulate and Draught Exclude a Loft Hatch in one simple application.


Apart from Heat Saving, the "Hatch Thatch" shall also assist in the Prevention of harmful house condensation.

Hillman Brown is "CURRENTLY" the only "AUTHORISED GREEN DEAL INSTALLER" Company that use and install the "HATCH THATCH" when we install Loft Insulation.

However, it can also be purchased and installed quite easily as a "Retro Fit" option by Homeowners themselves. Click on the side bar menu HATCH THATCH for further information or to purchase your "HATCH THATCH" and start making further savings on your Heating Bills TODAY. 

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