Our Quality Assurance Committment

Over the years, Hillman Brown has and are committed to adhering to and above the highest level of quality control when carrying out all of our daily business activities. We also work in conjunction with our partners who employ a team of Quality Inspectors who undertake random on - site checks in addition to our Internal Quality Checks of which we conduct 50% of all installed work, ensuring high quality workmanship is maintained at all times.


Health and Safety is also of paramount importance to us and we strive at all times to achieve a safe working culture for people, whether this is our own staff, that of our partners, contractors or members of the public.


All the installers are BBA approved and CSCS carded, and are accredited by the relevent industry trade bodies.


All of our Assessors / Surveyors are certified/Accredited Domestic Energy and Green Deal Assessors to ensure you receive a high level of customer service at every point.

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