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Hillman Brown are happy that customers are willing to share their experience of having us take care of their Insulation needs..............


I now have the heating turned off most of the day following my loft being insulated by Hillman Brown. The gentleman made sure everything was tidied up at the end, very clean and polite.


Mr T, Skegness, Lincs.



I can't believe that I have actually turned off 3 of my storage heaters following Hillman Brown insulating my loft and putting the new Hatch Thatch on my loft hatch. You guys were very efficient and tidy, Fantastic job.


Mr R, Freiston, Boston, Lincs.



Not only have I turned my thermostat down from 18 degrees to 15 but I have also reduced the time my heating is on by 2-3 hours per day.

Fantastic result, very happy, your service was very good, no complaints, keep up the good work Hillman Brown.


Mrs J, Worksop, Notts.



Thanks Hillman Brown, I have now had to buy a ceiling fan to cool the place down on top of saving approx £15.00 a fortnight on my electricity. Family and friends keep telling me to turn the heating down when it's not even switched on.

The installer was lovely,very polite and helpful, we couldn't ask for anymore.


Mrs B, Grimsby, Lincs.



After having my loft insulated in the colder weather, I now only have my heating on an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening instead of all day. And even the draughts have gone from around the loft hatch now I have my loft hatch fitted with the new Hatch Thatch. Thanks once again Hillman Brown.


Miss M, Grimsby, Lincs.



After having Hillman Brown insulate my Loft to the new Government Guideline of 10" and installing the new Hatch Thatch to my Loft Hatch I now don't have the heating on much at all now as it's too hot. In fact my thermostat was previously set between 25-30 degrees but, now it stays at 10 degrees. What a massive saving, thanks guys.


Mr H, Humberston, Lincs.



Following a visit and survey from Hillman Brown I was put at ease regarding my condensation problem within the loft.

The Surveyor assured me that the Company would come and sort out the condensation problem, allow the loft to dry out and then upon re-survey and being satisfied the problem was solved, only then would they insulate.

When they insulated the loft up to 270mm they also installed the new Hatch Thatch on my loft hatch. Adding this product to the hatch has eliminated those annoying draughts I was experiencing and together with the insulation fitted I now find I now find I only have the heating on 1-2 hours per day. A Fantastic Saving - Thankyou Hillman Brown.



Mr D, Skegness, Lincs




I would just like to thank the team at Hillman Brown for all their help in improving my loft insulation for a second time. Following my first contact with them and receiving a totally professional service, when I then moved property and found my Loft Insulation wasn't adequate, who did I call ? YES - Hillman Brown.

The guys came out and delivered a fantastic service for me as before and now I am fully insulated and ready for the next winter. Thanks guys.


Mrs Melanie P. Brigg, N.Lincolnshire



What a difference it makes to be professionaly advised and guided by a caring company. I didn't realise it was so easy when dealing with a company that always puts the customer first, so much so you are on my facebook for all my friends to see.Many thanks to you all.


Mrs R. Horncastle



Thanks for making my home a much warmer place for me and my children. The landlord also is very pleased to have a happier tennent. Keep up the good work.


Julie. Lincoln



Your install team has just finished insulating both the roof space and some cavity walls.
They were excellent. Both of them were helpful, tidy, and worked with the least amount of disruption.
Thank you very much.


Mrs F. Cheshire West

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